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Meet Lea Marie Ravotti

Lea Marie Ravotti

Lea Marie Ravotti joins with Gnome Road to add her colorful, kid-friendly and fanciful artwork to author Jen Fier Jasinski's latest lyrical text, Sidewalk Chalk.

Lea Marie's enthusiasm for creating illustrations that children can cherish and enjoy is the perfect pairing to this quiet story of a shy child who joins with other neighborhood children to – Scribble! Scratch! Scrawl! –  and transform a plain sidewalk path into a vibrant storyscape. This is certain to be a magical combination! 

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Lea Marie was born in the Czech Republic and graduated with a Master's degree in Art Education and Art History. Her passion is in picture books, which she believes to be like art galleries for children. She loves gifting them as well as receiving them! What kind? Funny and bright ones that cheer up the whole family, nonfictional ones about science, music, art, architecture, or history, and lyrical ones with somber color palettes that invite children to ask questions about life.

What does Lea Marie like illustrating the most? Children of all ages and their range of emotions. She doesn’t like illustrating robots, spaceships, and insects. Unless they are cute. Is there such a thing as a cute spaceship?

Lea Marie’s recent work includes MESSY MONKEYS (POW! Kids Books) and SIGNS AND MYSTERIES (Our Sunday Visitor). She lives with her husband and three girls in Pennsylvania and is a member of SCBWI and the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators.