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Meet Jen Fier Jasinski

Jen Fier Jasinski

Jen is the debut author of My Piano, an exploration of the workings of a grand piano as told through the eyes of a young child preparing for a recital.

The cumulative structure should satisfy curious readers who want to know how the interconnected parts of a piano work together, from the pedal pressed to the ground to the keys that hoist the hammers.

Illustrated by Anita Bagdi, this story is sure to be a musical treat for students, teachers, and music enthusiasts alike.

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Jen Fier Jasinski grew up outside of Washington, D.C. and spent most of her childhood exploring creeks and reading books. She has taught special education for more than ten years, where her favorite part of the school day continues to be Story Time. Jen enjoys spending time with her spouse and kids, reading, and playing outside. Her favorite days are when she gets to do all three. Her extra favorite days include cake.

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