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Meet Heather Kinser

Heather Kinser

Heather's picture book, In a Cave, is scheduled to release with Gnome Road Publishing in 2023.

She takes readers on a chilly, damp, but wonder-filled adventure underground. Readers set off with their trusted guide to journey past cave formations, meet cave-dwelling creatures, and work up an appetite for cave popcorn in this subterranean celebration illustrated by spelunking enthusiast Bonnie Kelso.

Photograph provided by and credited to Di Starr.

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Heather Ferranti Kinser writes and rhymes in the San Francisco Bay Area, under the shelter of a redwood tree. She has enjoyed poetry and wordplay since third grade. She holds a BA degree in English from Santa Clara University, where she worked on the literary magazine. After spending many years as a Silicon Valley copy editor, she embraced full-time parenting and rediscovered the wonder of picture books.

Heather is the author of a nonfiction picture book about nano-sized animal features and the value of the very small, SMALL MATTERS: THE HIDDEN POWER OF THE UNSEEN (Millbrook Press). SMALL MATTERS received the 2021 Maryland Blue Crab Young Reader Award in the “transitional nonfiction” category.

In addition to writing and swapping stories with friends, Heather has filled her free time by volunteering as a school newsletter editor, an audiobook reader, and a reading tutor. She lives with her husband, two daughters, one dog, one dwarf hamster, and one (possibly immortal) fish. When she’s not playing with words, Heather can be found shuttling kids around in a minivan nicknamed “the hippo.”

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