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Meet Mary Munson

Mary Munson

Mary is the debut author of Love Will Turn You Around, set to release with Gnome Road Publishing in 2023.

Perfect for teaching early math and color concepts, Mary's story is sure to delight readers who love characters of all shapes and sizes and books that show what it means to work together and turn what feels wrong into what feels right again.

Illustrator Kate Talbot brings Mary's story to life through colorful, cheerful characters and a kid-friendly playground setting.

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Mary has been an early childhood special education teacher for more than twenty years. She earned her undergraduate degree in English fueled by her love of reading and creative writing. She then earned an MA in Early Childhood and an MS in Early Childhood Special Education, fueled by her desire to play and be in a sandbox.

When she is not making mud pies, she enjoys being with her husband Brent, her two children Mikayla and Austin and her Irish Wolfhound, Zoshia. Mary can often be found on her front porch, doing yoga, camping or in an Adirondack chair by a crackling fire with friends.

She doesn't take anything too seriously and always appreciates a good belly laugh. Mary is grateful to be able to put more love out into the world.

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