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Meet Anita Bagdi

Anita Bagdi

Anita Bagdi joins with GRP to bring her artistic talent and vision to the lyrical exploration of the workings of a grand piano in the story, MY PIANOTold through the eyes of a young child preparing for a recital, author Jen Fier Jasinski leads curious readers through the interconnected parts of the piano. Paired with Anita's magical illustrations, this story is a musical treat for students, teachers, and music enthusiasts alike.

Look for Anita and Jen's companion story, MY VIOLIN, releasing in the spring of 2026!

At Gnome Road, we love Anita's work so much that we've asked her to illustrate author Melissa Stoller's story, Hazel & Mabel: Two Hearts Apart. Her talent for showing character emotions and setting a scene complement this gentle exploration of the bonds of friendship. 

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Anita is a self-taught freelance illustrator, living in Dorset, the sunniest part of UK. Her days are mostly about her neurodiverse family, creating and reading children’s books, drinking coffee and raising awareness about climate emergency.

With her quirky, whimsical illustrations she loves creating mood, telling stories with heart and important messages, stories that spark further conversations, deeper thoughts, and positive change. She is determined to add her art to missing voices, to help children become more confident in finding their own voices.