A Welcome to Author Susan Johnston Taylor

A Welcome to Author Susan Johnston Taylor

We are excited to have author and poet Susan Johnston Taylor here at GRP with her debut picture book, Animals in Surprising Shades (previously "Colorful Creatures: Poems About Animals in Surprising Shades").

GRP: Welcome, Susan! What makes this collection extra-special for you as a creative?

SJT: It combines my love of poetry and my curiosity about the natural world.

GRP: You have packed this collection full of information about both. It is sure to be a hit with readers who enjoy a creative blending of art and science. What are you most excited about on the publishing journey ahead?

SJT: I’m most excited about holding the finished book in my hands! I know Annie Bakst’s illustrations are going to add so much, and I’m excited to see the combination of art and text in book form.

GRP: We are excited to be working with Annie, too (and now everyone knows who will be illustrating this colorful work – hooray)! It is truly amazing to see how an author’s words can be further transformed at the hands of a talented artist. When COLORFUL CREATURES is complete, what is something you hope readers can take away from reading it

SJT: Animals (including humans) don’t all look the same, and our differences are worth celebrating.

GRP: We can’t wait to celebrate with you, Susan, when this book releases in the spring of 2023. Thanks for stopping by to share more about it!


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