A Welcome to Author Kari Ann Gonzalez!

A Welcome to Author Kari Ann Gonzalez!

Kari Ann Gonzalez joins us this week to share a few thoughts about her debut picture book How to Hatch a Reader.

GRP: Welcome, Kari! Would you tell us something about this story that makes it extra-special to you?

KAG: There are so many reasons! The idea of How To Hatch A Reader sparked when we first got our backyard chickens. With two emerging readers at home, I was always looking for creative ways to build reading skills while showing my kids how fun reading is. We wandered outside one day to read to our chickens and were absolutely delighted when they plopped down into our laps to listen and look at the pictures with us. My family and I live in an area that is particularly challenged with literacy rates and students reading at grade level. This story idea soon hatched to help children find joy in reading while supporting caregivers and educators with reading support techniques.

GRP: This was something that really stood out in your query, Kari! The text is supportive and fun, all wrapped into one. We know you can’t wait to share it with the world. What do you find to be most exciting about the journey ahead?

KAG: As a debut author, I have met so many amazing people on my journey and I am egg-cited to continue learning about the publishing process. Also, I would be remiss not to mention how thrilled I am when my kids glow with pride and tell their teachers and friends I am a picture book author. My heart melts every single time!

GRP: What an amazing feeling and such a gift to receive as an author (and parent). What is something you hope to give back to your readers – for them to take away from this story.

KAG: Readers don’t hatch overnight, so I hope my book will encourage emerging readers and their families to celebrate every milestone of learning to read while laughing a lot along the way. With a little help, words will begin flying off the pages!

GRP: They certainly will! We look forward to 2023, when copies of "How to Hatch a Reader" will fly off the shelves and into the hands of flocks of eager young readers. Thanks for stopping by, Kari!

You can connect with Kari on her website or on Twitter at @KariAnnGonzale1


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