A Chat with Laura Bower, Author of The Imposter

A Chat with Laura Bower, Author of The Imposter

We are so pleased to share with you our conversation with Laura Bower, pre-school teacher and author of The Imposter which releases on March 5, 2024. (Illustrated by Kerisa Greene.)

Our Conversation with Laura:

GRP: Welcome, Laura! The Imposter is such a relatable story. We'd love to begin by asking you what your back-story to this book is. 

LB: I wrote this story based on the roller coaster of emotions my own children have had when they lost (and found) their loveys (Puppy, Petunia and Nedburt). They were all so attached to their favorite stuffed animals (some still are) and consider them family members! We have had some absolute emergencies (a lovey being thrown out in the garbage at the town pool, a lovey left behind in a hotel room on a family vacation, a lovey being left behind in a town park – we actually put up missing “puppy” pictures and posted them around town, a lovey being eaten by our dog and had to have reconstructive surgery (done by my daughter). The moments are many. The drama is plenty.

GRP: Awww, those missing "puppy" pictures sound adorable. What's your favorite moment in the book and why?

LB: There are so many favorite moments but one of my absolute favorites is when Olive is brought down to her knees when she realizes Mr. Snuggles is missing and shouts “Aggghhhh! Nooooooo! I Can’t Go On! Kerisa’s illustration is perfect as it conveys the pure, heartbreaking emotion of losing a favorite stuffed animal.  This is such a relatable moment because these loveys are not just stuffed animals, but true friends and family members. The feelings are real. The drama is real! ☺ My kids would often refuse to go to sleep until their lovey was back safe in their arms (which made it a long night for mom and dad too).

GRP: What are some interesting messages or conversational points your book inspires?  

LB: The Imposter explores the universal themes of friendship, the strong bond children have with their loveys and the heart’s amazing capacity to expand (this can be applied to new friendships, relationships in general). It deals with social-emotional issues such as letting go, and acceptance.

GRP: Thank you, Laura for taking the time to speak with us about your book. We can't wait for The Imposter to hit the shelves in March. 

You can connect with Laura Bower online:
Twitter: @laurabower79

Facebook: Laura Jensen Bower


  • Can’t wait to get my copy of the book so I can share it with all my friends!!!

    Kathi on

  • So relatable! I still have my first stuffed animal – Boing Boing the bunny.

    Natasha Wing on

  • I usually just skim over interviews, but this one really hit a nerve and gave me a giant grin with the memories it brought up. My kids are grown now, but I can hear it like it was yesterday, the screams…“KITTTTTTY!!” Even when Kitty wasn’t actually lost, if anything at all upset my daughter, Kitty had to be located, used to wipe her eyes, and keep her emotionally protected from the horrors of (fill in the blank… Mom saying no to another cookie?) I’m going to have to get this book for my daughter (and to share with my one-day grandchildren).

    Rachelle on

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