A Chat with Kerisa Greene, Illustrator of The Imposter

A Chat with Kerisa Greene, Illustrator of The Imposter

We are so pleased to share with you our conversation with Kerisa Greene, former pre-school teacher and illustrator of The Imposter which releases on March 5, 2024. (Written by Laura Bower.)


Our Conversation with Kerisa:

GRP: Welcome, Kerisa! Your art style is lovely. What materials and techniques are you using for the book’s illustrations?

KG: The illustrations were created digitally on Procreate and finalized in Photoshop.

GRP: What did you most connect with in the story, and how did/does that come out in your illustration work? Were you going for a certain feel or mood?

KG: I absolutely love the humor in this story and wanted to show the emotional rollercoaster that Olive goes through and her big personality. I really wanted to focus on Olive’s facial expressions and push her poses throughout the story.

GRP: What’s your favorite illustration/spread/moment in the book and why?

I love the big moment of Olive throwing Mr. Huggles across the room when she screams “IMPOSTER!” and realizes he’s a fake. It was so much fun showing Olive’s big reaction and creating that bright red tone in the background to really highlight how upset she is in that moment. For me that was the big reveal in the book and I was excited to give it it’s own spread.

GRP: Thank you, Kerisa for taking the time to speak with us about your book. We can't wait for The Imposter to hit the shelves in March. 

You can connect with Kerisa Greene online:
Twitter: @KerisaGreene
Instagram: @laurabowerwrites


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