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Meet Susan Johnston Taylor

Susan Johnston Taylor

Susan's talent as an author and poet is on full display in her debut picture book, Animals in Surprising Shades: Poems About Earth's Colorful Creatures, set to release in 2023.

Through clever word choices, Susan introduces readers to fascinating and colorful creatures throughout the world and opens their minds to kid-friendly and fun poetic forms. It is a perfect showcase of nature's amazing artwork and a great addition to school libraries and science and writing classrooms everywhere.

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Susan Johnston Taylor writes for kids and adults. Her magazine articles have appeared in Dramatics, FACES, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Scout Life, and many others. A strong believer in the power of poetry, Susan co-teaches a summer poetry camp through Austin Bat Cave, an Austin, Texas-based nonprofit that offers writing programs for kids and teens. She's written several children's books for the educational market, and this marks her picture book debut.

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