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Evelline Andrya
Grab yourself a tall glass of milk and join the journey to see different ways it can be harvested and produced throughout the world. Evelline Andrya's lively, colorful artwork is paired with author Abbe Starr's lyrical text in Ahhh, Milk!, which shares the love for this popular drink that is as diverse as the people who enjoy it.

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Evelline was born in Sumatra, Indonesia. She grew up with mix cultures, Chinese and Javanese. She fell in love with illustration from the day she found vintage greeting cards with enchanting Christmas paintings at her grandma’s drawer. She studied illustration at an art academy in Yogyakarta, and started her illustration career as fulltime illustrator for CosmoGirl! Indonesia in 2007. Since 2010, she's focusing her illustration work for children’s books. Her illustration style is a mix of traditional mediums and digital collage.

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