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Meet Abbe Starr

Abbe Starr

Abbe’s debut picture book, Ahhhh Milk! releases in the fall of 2025. Using lyrical
language, Abbe takes children on a world-wide journey to discover the ways milk is
harvested, produced, and savored. This story is a celebration of nature’s gift of milk and the different plants, animals, and trees that share their nutrients with all of us.

Look for Evelline Andrya's bright, bold illustrations to bring out the fun in learning all the ways milk is enjoyed throughout the world! 

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Abbe grew up in the rolling hills of Wisconsin. Being surrounded by fields and farms,
moos and milk, she saw nature working to give to others every day. Abbe writes poetry, ready-to-read, and picture books. She is a storyteller in her community and uses puppets and paint to bring her stories to life.

Abbe is the author of ten nonfiction children’s books written for the educational market. As a former teacher, Abbe wrote plays, puppet scripts, and stories to keep her kindergarteners learning and laughing.

Abbe is always ready for an adventure with her husband, three sons, and two
daughters-in-law. If she isn’t flying around the world, Abbe lands in her empty nest in
Fort Wayne, Indiana. She likes mountain hikes, golf, yoga, and running. When she
finally sits still, Abbe loves to write!

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