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Angel Tate

In I ROCK MY HAIR, Angel Tate's adorable main character, Kyana, shines a light on ways to combat hair discrimination by celebrating her own beautiful locks and the many ways she chooses to style them. This book introduces young advocates to the C.R.O.W.N. ACT ("Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair") and supports all readers in their choice to rock their hair any way they want to!

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Angel Tate has been creating stories since she was a kid growing up on the south side of Chicago. The author/illustrator studied English Literature and Radiologic Science in college and had a long career working in healthcare. She realized she had a passion for writing children’s books while raising her three girls. Unable to find books with characters that represented the people closest to her heart, she went to work, creating what she didn’t see. Now, Angel is trying hard to make books that show kids that they not only exist everywhere in this world, but they belong there as well.

Book One of her chapter book series, Parker Peterzak Has the Big School Blues, was published in September 2023 by Sunday Dinner Publishing, with the second book to follow this year. I ROCK MY HAIR will be Angel Tate’s debut as an author/illustrator.