Hatching Humor: A Short Q&A with Illustrator Rachel Suzanne

Hatching Humor: A Short Q&A with Illustrator Rachel Suzanne

As a publisher, we love being able to choose an illustrator whose style matches the vision for a particular project. That's exactly what happened when we found Rachel Suzanne to illustrate How to Hatch a Reader (written by Kari Ann Gonzalez). So we asked Rachel to stop by the blog and share a little about why she chose to work on it and her creative process. Here's what she had to say:

GRP: As an illustrator, what was it about "How to Hatch a Reader" that sparked your creative spirit? Did you have a particular vision for the project at the start?

RS: I loved how fun and joyful the story was, especially the idea of that sneaky fox always being in the background. I think the vision grew more and more as I read the story.

GRP: The story leans on the illustrations to bring out humor that might not be clear from reading the text alone. It’s a great opportunity to bring out creativity, but also puts on a bit of pressure. What did you find the most difficult, and what tips do you have for illustrators who might encounter the same?

RS: Actually the unspoken illustrations are one of my favourite parts to do because you can be so creative! I love adding the unexpected which might make readers laugh (like an Elton John inspired chicken!). I'd say to just have fun with those and not be afraid to be silly.

GRP: There are lots of fun spreads in this book, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a favorite. Which one have you enjoyed working on the most

RS: My favourite is Funky Chickens! Because who knew chickens had such great dance moves?

GRP: Now, everyone will get to see that, too (when the book releases in August of 2023)! Let's take a peek at another fun spread of the chickens using some of their new reading skills. Thanks so much for sharing this one with us today and for dropping by the news blog!

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  • So cute, can’t wait for this to be released!

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