A Welcome to Author-Illustrator Bonnie Kelso!

A Welcome to Author-Illustrator Bonnie Kelso!

We have been delighted to announce a talented group of creatives joining Gnome Road Publishing this past month, including author-illustrator Bonnie Kelso. Her fun and fascinating informational picture book, Nudi Gill, will be our first release in 2023. If you love small, sassy sea creatures and curious snorkelers, then you will be an instant fan of this colorful and entertaining story.

Bonnie agreed to "stop by" the news blog today to answer a few questions. Here is what Bonnie had to say:

GRP: We want to tell our (future) readers more about you and this amazing story. Can you tell us what makes this debut picture book extra-special to you?

BK: Truth be told, I'm a bit obsessed with nudibranchs. I always get super excited when I meet someone who doesn't know anything about them. They are my favorite creature in the ocean, and as a snorkeler and scuba diver, I love coming across one in the wild. But, they are tiny and can be easily disturbed, so I have learned how to touch as little as possible when it comes to their coral reef habitat.

GRP: We admit to being enamored with nudibranchs after seeing your submission and learning all about them through your clever story and artwork. We are thrilled you chose to give NUDI GILL a home at Gnome Road Publishing. What do you find the most exciting about your publishing journey so far?

BK: What excites me the most about my publishing journey are all the wonderful people I've met along the way. Being a writer and illustrator is often isolating, so having the support of the Kidlit community has really helped me grow as a creative and as a human being. I have some amazing critique partners! I'm also looking forward to author visits so I can connect with readers on a personal level.

GRP: Speaking of reader connections, what is one thing you hope to share with them through your story?

BK: My wish is that future readers of Nudi Gill will take with them the idea that even really tiny animals (or humans) can make a big difference. Everything on this planet is connected in some way or another, so the more we can learn to respect that, the better life is for everyone.

GRP: Well said, Bonnie. We couldn’t agree more!


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