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Suhasini Gupta

Suhasini's debut picture book, Kai Po Che: Mini's Perfect Diamond, is set to release in the spring of 2025, and will have you cheering for her kite-flying heroine from beginning to end. 

Paired with Devika Oza's dynamic, colorful illustrations, readers will be left feeling enthusiastic about putting their own clever craftiness to use and letting their kite-flying dreams soar.


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Suhasini Gupta is a children’s book author who fell in love with kites while growing up in India. Being an engineer, she is fascinated by the science behind the dynamics of kite flying as it always brings sheer joy, a sense of freedom, and a constant tugging at her heartstrings. With her captivating storytelling, Suhasini continues to inspire and uplift readers to embrace their curiosity, pursue their passions, and soar high with the spirit of a kite. She currently lives in Texas with her husband and two beautiful kids who are always curious to fly kites.

“Life will never be perfect but finding a little joy in imperfections makes it beautiful!” – Suhasini Gupta

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