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Meet Sara Aziz

Sara Aziz

Sara is the illustrator of Ready to Smile Again, a story full of heart and certain to build empathy, set to release in the spring of 2025. 

Sara's thoughtful approach to her work is a perfect fit for this tale of a chipmunk displaced from his home by debut author Katie Lee Reinert. With a focus on emotions and characters, Sara adds the softness necessary to deliver the warm, uplifting feeling readers will carry away from this story. 

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Sara Aziz is a Pakistani-Canadian Illustrator who loves capturing emotions in her work;
especially the naive, unadulterated glee that children exude. Having lived in Pakistan, UK and now North America, Sara brings a soft, multicultural approach to her illustrations. She has worked on a number of books and her debut writer-illustrator book ‘Laam se Limopani’ was published by Ferozsons Publishers in Pakistan. Currently, Sara lives in Ontario with her husband and two children where they can usually be found curled up with books and tea in their little backyard nook.