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Meet Rekha Salin

Rekha Salin

Rekha is the illustrator of Emily Snook, the World's Smallest Cook, set to release in the fall of 2024. 

Rekha brings an adorable character to life in author Laura Bower's story of a young chef who enters a cooking competition at the suggestion of her beloved grandfather only to find that she is the smallest cook in the kitchen. Look for Rekha's warm, heartfelt illustrations to add layers of charm to this sweet story. 

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Rekha Salin, a fine art artist and illustrator from India living in Bahrain (West Asia), loves works that are lively and full of emotions and energy. She tries to bring these same qualities to her own work. Rekha is attracted to beautiful bright colors as well as limited color palettes. She loves to illustrate both animals and people and to capture the tiny, joyful moments in life. When not doing art, you will find her having fun with family, going on long walks and clicking pictures with her phone.