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Meet Carolina Vázquez

Carolina Vázquez

Carolina is the illustrator of Tango Red Riding Hood, a modernized Argentine twist on the classic fairytale set to release in 2023.

Written by author Rachel Hobbs, this bilingual adventure is perfect for music and dance-loving kids of all ages. Carolina's eye for detail and ability to capture magical moods suit this new cast of characters well (or old ones, cast in a new light) as they show us the beauty in stepping through life's little (or big) misunderstandings.

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​Carolina is an Argentinian illustrator currently studying Illustration Design at Palermo University in Buenos Aires. She started taking drawing classes at the age of thirteen and has been doing freelance work since 2019, including personal commissions, early readers and a picture book.

She enjoys creating magical, nature-themed illustrations and working with color and light to create a sense of atmosphere in her work. Along with creating art, Carolina enjoys swimming, reading novels and watching animated movies, which greatly inspire her work.

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